About Educational Architect

Educational Architect offers customized educational solutions. At Educational Architect, we put education at the centre of social transformation and innovation. Educational Architect offers personalized services and ready-made educational materials that combine adult instruction sensibility and technical skill with an aesthetic sense.

Our Blueprint

  • Our Foundation

    We use an intersectional feminist foundation and structure to design and develop educational materials to support consultants creating pathways to justice and liberation.

  • Our Building Code

    We aim to reform and transform society through education by leveraging consultants' expertise to dismantle and eradicate injustice to achieve liberation for all.

  • Our Specifications

    We believe that education should stimulate empowerment, well-being, and satisfaction.

Our Manual

  • Learner-centred

    Accessible education that: (1) empowers and engages learners; (2) prioritizes the needs and well-being of learners; (3) values the diverse perspectives, strengths, and intersectional identities of learners; and (4) challenges traditional hierarchies and power imbalances.  

  • Equity-oriented

    Anti-racist education that: (1) builds on principles of social justice and liberation; (2) challenges injustice and hegemonic frameworks; and (3) uses equitable strategies, including Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

  • Outcome-based

    Education that: (1) champions diverse learning approaches instead of centring instructor-led lectures; (2) incorporates alternative approaches, including practice and activity-based learning; and (3) prioritizes successfully meeting learning outcomes, including knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

  • Technology-integrated

    Education that: (1) thoughtfully and strategically incorporates technology into design and delivery; (2) carefully determines the type and extent of the technology used; (3) recognizes issues of equity, including the Digital Divide, with the use of technology; and (4) offers alternatives to technology for learners unable to access a device and/or the internet.

  • Socially-connected

    Learning is designed to be collaborative and iterative and is based in existing social, political and cultural contexts, not siloed.

  • Cognitively-balanced

    Learning should not be overly complicated. Learning is designed to avoid cognitive overload by being clear and accessible to all learners through removing jargon, breaking content into manageable chunks, and using simple language.

  • UDL-adapted

    We ensure our educational materials and environments are designed to meet the needs of its learners. UDL (Universal Design for Learning) is framework that provides multiple means of engagement, representation, and action and expression.

  • TPACK-informed

    TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) is a framework that: (1) combines knowledge about technology, pedagogy, and content; (2) strategically integrates technology to enhance learning experiences; (2) effectively incorporates a nuanced understanding of learning theories, teaching methods, assessments, and instructional strategies; and (3) integrates consultants’ subject matter knowledge.

Our Expertise

  • Adult Education

  • Instructional Design

  • Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

  • Digital Pedagogy

  • Technology-enhanced Learning

  • Multimedia Design

  • Universal Design for Learning

  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access

Our Personalized Services

We work with consultants to leverage their expertise to construct effective educational materials (e.g., lessons, courses, webinars, workshops, etc.) and sustainable learning environments by offering personalized services.

Our Educational Materials

Our ready-made educational materials concentrate on our knowledge-based expertise: adult education, social justice, and career development. The materials range from guides to curriculum.